eDegree Advisor provides online and campus based colleges and universities with highly engaged leads of consumers who have expressed intent to enroll. Using the ConnectUs proprietary CRM and telephony system, eDegreeAdvisor is able to improve the quality through a work-at-home agent model combined with a custom two-part agent qualification process to better qualify intent.


Our world class analytics team utilizes big-data analysis techniques to ensure that trending behavior and patterns create the highest quality target customer for your industry.

Our technology is built in house with a veteran group of engineers that know the business of generating high quality leads. With our innovative CRM and Voice Technology, we’re able to adapt quickly to the changing market demands. We’re experts in Hot Transfer lead generation and appointment scheduling for home services.

We understand that we are not in the business of selling leads, we’re in the business of selling an “enrollment” or “install”. All of our performance and quality metrics are measured against your performance.

We have been involved in online and offline lead generation for over 5 years. We understand mainstream online-marketing, with years of experience in traditional offline marketing. We build strength in our relationships through helping our partners further their marketing networks and helping provide new unique strategies.


We’re on a mission to help you improve your student acquisition (and retention) results with performance marketing solutions from eDegreeAdvisor.

eDegreeAdvisor delivers high-quality leads to online universities and minimizes your cost-per-qualified-student, so you can generate a strong ROI.

  • Choose the leads that work best for your school.
  • Work with eDegreeAdvisor to customize your lead profile at a competitive cost-per-lead.
  • Take advantage of ROI analysis to further enhance profitability.
  • Get leads within minutes of prospects' submitting their info on eDegreeAdvisor online form.


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